An Explosion of Love

An Explosion of Love

An Explosion of Love

Marco Nunes 0 Comments Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ainda não tens planos para as férias?
Junta-te a nós para uns dias de conversa, Yoga, Meditação, Música, Dança e muito mais..

Satsang | Yoga | Meditation | Music | Dance | and more... 

Tickets: Yay!!! here we go! 

Official Prices.... 
Early Bird Rates End July 13st
Local Prices Reflect Local Prices

Prices for Portuguese Residents

Shared Room €540
Private Room €690
Private Room for 2 people €999

3 Day Pass for Locals €210(foreigners) | €165 (portuguese)
(Can be used for any 3 consecutive nights)

**Prices for those traveling to Portuga*l

Shared Room €740

Private Room €990
Private Room for 2 people €1,490

3 day Pass €255
(Can be used for any 3 consecutive nights)*

YES!!! Prices are that low, even for those traveling from outside Portugal, and it DOES INCLUDE Amazing Food and All the Activities. This is a Celebration week, and we invite you to join us for this explosion that will burst your Heart Wide Open. It's an opportunity that will fully prepare your BEING to move in Life with a deeper trust in the Miracle You Already Are. 

We have made this retreat super affordable for all, so we can just get to the good part of showing up and diving deep into Truth, Life, and Authentic Connection with ourselves and others. Please be advised though, we do have limited spots available, so if you want to go.... let us know by securing your spot. We do have the option of securing your spot for 50% deposit. Just in case you need to gather up some more funds to make it possible. Use the contact system at


Topics of Fear-Shattering Explorations

-Being Love
-Accessing Cosmic Support
-Allowing for Deep Connections
-Drop Limitation NOW
-The Freedom to BE...
...what You Really Are.
-Going ALL IN

Satsang with Tigmonk? What is that....? Simply put, Tiger completely shatters all your excuses for not falling madly/deeply in love with what you are, and life as a whole. In the most direct way possible, he exposes your inherent Beauty, Worth, and Conscious Ability to create a Joyful Life.

Beyond anyone's ability to fully articulate, there's something about the way he holds space and uses words, that will show you beyond doubt, that the entire universe is here to support the sincerity of your Heart's deepest resonance. All of Life, is set up to work with you, as you open your heart and let life move on your heart's behalf. You will walk away with a deep knowing of who and what you are, and a clear understanding of what you are here to do in this life.

YOGA! Harmonize the Insight into Your Body 
With Marta Coias

She certainly won't admit it, so we will say it instead. Marta is a powerhouse when it comes to opening the body to allow for truth to replace limitation. Her yoga practice over the past 16 Years has been refined to near perfection. Not only is she a master student of her craft, her internal wisdom carries a depth not seen in most yoga teachers.

Simply put, she knows her stuff. And good luck trying to convince her that you're not enough, or that you are lacking in some way. She will compassionately call you out on self imposed limitation and gracefully invite you to open up to new depths within yourself. If you ever wanted to see the power that exists within what you are, Marta Coias is a woman that can show you the power that exists within what you are.

Optional Yoga Classes every day, gives you the opportunity to allow insight and wisdom to drop from the mind, into your body temple, and allow for you to actually feel the truth of you, rather than just thinking about it.



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