Glamping: camping with glamor.

Glamping:  camping with glamor.

Glamping: camping with glamor.

Marco Nunes 0 Comments Thursday, October 04, 2018

There is a concept that has completely revolutionized the way of camping or enjoying nature: Glamping. Find out more about this tourist trend and get to know what makes Glamping a trend that has come to stay.

Luxury consumption is not limited to famous brands, sumptuous hotels or expensive restaurants. Even simple practices, such as camping, have already been remodeled following the logic of charm, comfort and modernity. Glamping, a concept that combines camping with glamor, has won fans around the world. In Japan, for example, there is an increasing number of followers of this trend.

Although it is associated with a sophisticated tourism / hospitality niche, the concept of Glamping is actually quite simple. The idea is to offer contact with nature, but with all the advantages of a hotel. In other words, Glamping fans seek the usual immersion in nature, but without giving up comfort. Thus, the tents (or domes) have electricity, beds, furniture, utensils, bathroom, wi-fi, television, among other decorative pieces.

With the fast pace of the cities and the growing need for contact with nature, the profile of Glamping fans is quite extensive: it ranges from young people to entire families, passing by couples, travelers or simply the curious, eager for a little comfort in paradise. Aware of this inescapable trend, tourism professionals already promote tailor-made experiences for glamorous camping enthusiasts. Just book and enjoy an unparalleled experience.

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