Life in the countryside: a natural remedy

Life in the countryside: a natural remedy

Life in the countryside: a natural remedy

Marco Nunes 0 Comments Thursday, October 04, 2018

It improves breathing, relieves stress symptoms, soothes and facilitates physical activity, among many other benefits. This looks like the description of some remedy or magic elixir, but it is not: we are actually talking about the many advantages of rural life. Learn more about the quality of living in this environment and discover the importance of being close to nature - even for a weekend!We live in a society that has increasingly identified the growth of psychosomatic diseases, that is, those that have a direct connection with the psychological or emotional side of people. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 300 million people worldwide live with mental disorders, such as depression, which reveals the importance of practices that help to resolve this problem.

Among the frequently stated solutions are rural activities: not only for the obvious benefits of the contact with nature, but also for the diversity of activities - ranging from contact with animals to gardening, meditation and contact with nature. Even without resorting to therapies that can take place in the rural environment, it is common knowledge that only a few hours in the open air can completely change our disposition.

A more peaceful environment, privacy, proximity to nature, fresh air, openness of spaces and the feeling that time passes more slowly are some of the characteristics that contrast with the climate of the big cities, inviting people to enjoy a more laid-back and relaxed lifestyle, without the pressures of day-to-day life. Thus, regardless of the reason, the rural environment is an interesting solution to alleviate many problems that we experience daily.

In the Ribeira de Borba Estate ...

We are on the mainland, where the Alentejo tradition and its roots promote an intimate experience with nature. This harmony contrasts with the bustle of modern life, constituting a true refuge for all who visit it. It is the ideal place for a family holiday or a retreat for two. We intend to be a sustainability model for the responsible management of natural resources, allowing the most curious privileged access to all green spaces, agroforestry activities and production of the most varied by-products.

We provide recreational and cultural activities, promoting the rural tradition and the dissemination of ecological practices essential to the conservation of natural habitats such as pottery, weaving, cosmetics and natural soap, as well as events dedicated to sustainability, health and wellbeing. Some of those activities are reforestation and environmental awareness, organic farming workshops, teambuilding, yoga retreats and bootcamps.

Contact us and get to know the rural experience we have for you and your family!


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